PKU is a rare genetic condition in which people have difficulty breaking phe (phenylalanine), an amino acid found in natural protein such as meat, dairy products, beans, nuts, etc. These foods cause high blood phe levels for patients with PKU, leading to irreversible brain damage.


Consistent care and treatment for PKU is difficult as a strict low-protein diet is difficult to follow and treatments, including Palynziq, are not convenient as a pill. So we created a campaign to bring patients back to PKU clinics through 'infotainment' and get started on Palynziq–the first and only injectable treatment that lowers phe without having to follow a low protein diet.

Havas San Francisco

Copywriter: Yash Ram

Creative Directors: Ken Gutman, Janhavi Phadke

Art Directors: Allan Cameron, Melyssa Giancaterino


Palynziq has to be self-injected daily by the patient. While we didn't have the solve for needle phobia, we created a video reassuring them that we'll make the ease of using Palynziq as much as possible.


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