ms. representation project

San Francisco’s historic women are underrepresented — of all the city’s streets named after people, only 27% are named after women, and of all the statues, only three are of women. From misrepresentation to Ms. Representation, our project championed the move to bring our city's historic women to the forefront by rededicating San Francisco's street names to them. 


Creative Directors: Ben Wolan, Sam Brown (DDB San Francisco)

Copywriters: Yash Ram, Sara Muchnick 
Art Directors: Madison Kichler, Sarah Hackett

Production: Rinny Shim

Account: Katherine James

Merits: Publishment / Adweek, Adforum, San Francisco Egotist


Our guerrilla strategy earned us a lot of organic PR –– in less than a week after our launch, the Ms. Representation Project had 200+ followers and 1,000+ impressions, and was even picked up by few Instagram influencers.


Finally, the project got picked up by Adweek and AdForum as well as some SF news outlets like The San Francisco Egotist.

On the flip side, we also got some not so good PR from SF Weekly and from the city of San Francisco, who served us a cease and desist.

However, a city ordinance in San Francisco passed requiring 30% of statues to represent women


All press is good press, right?


By adding a "Ms." in front of well-known streets named after men –– or mistakenly believed to be named after men, we brought attention to our female legends who are so often overlooked.


Our Instagram page kept their stories front and center where they belong. Each of our highlighted women have a row of content dedicated to her, with a photograph of her tagged street, a stylized portrait of her, and finally, an icon that symbolized a key part of her identity.



Finally, the website served as a permanent spot for people to learn more about the women linked on our Instagram account.

Here people can browse by streets on our Ms. Representation map. We also invited visitors to submit the stories of any influential women missing from our site — along with the misrepresented street they’d like rededicated to her.